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People in the EVC Group


Oliver Garaj

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


"The 21st century will see a lot of substantial changes, including the energy and automotive sector. I have worked in both of these fields for all my career so far and thus hope that all the working experience gathered will be a great asset and boost for such an innovative company as EVC Group is."

Miroslav Svačina

Chief of Research and Development, one of the first employees of the company


'"At EVC, I have the opportunity to participate in the long-term development and improvement of critical electronics such as BMS, test battery cells, or to be in touch with foreign suppliers of top-of-the-line components, from which we build customer solutions. The possibility of traveling regularly to exhibitions and suppliers around the world is not only a challenge but a necessity in the constantly evolving field of electromobility."


Jan Vejbor

Sales of traction battery, electric drive and electric vehicles


"From the beginning, electric cars have been a way for me to drive more independently and more sparingly. This technology will have countless impacts on our daily lives, as well as when we have moved from horse saddles to trains and cars. The possibility to sell battery systems and electric drives not as rolls, but with an overview of their individual properties, is a mutual pleasure - for the seller and the customer."