Industrial lithium battery solutions including ESS


Our vision

Because we technicians, we see our future not in general phrases, but concrete and tangible results.


While being technicians, our driving force are emotions: the passion for our work, the desire to be still among the first, and push the boundaries of our field forward.


That is why our main goals are:

  • through our research and development, direct constantly our know-how in the field to keep being the European top-notch
  • link theory with practice, integrating new insights into existing experiences, and making sure to produce equipment and products that are innovative, quality and best value for money
  • provide technologically advanced, reliable and cost-effective solutions for customers


Besides the technical aspects, our company, of course, has also a "human dimension". We are all people, our employees are people, our customers are people.


We know that people are important. More important than technology.

Technology is only a means of achieving the goal: human satisfaction.


We give our respect and attention to all the people who surround us.


We feel joy and satisfaction when our customer is satisfied with our product and helps him in his own growth.

And because we have big goals, we're doing our best to make our employees feel as if they're an important part of the company's life.

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