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Battery for electromobility

Our batteries are different.

Without any exaggeration or hyperbole. It is worth of many years of development, testing and practical experience to the extent that it is unique in Europe.


Our batteries are developed in our own lab.


The goal of this development is to provide you with the best ratio between price and performance – thus the maximum profitability.

Since battery costs are a significant budget item in all electromobility projects, their lifespan and performance have a profound impact on the profitability and success rate of the project.


That's why we'll always provide tailor-made solutions. Honestly. Why do we consider it important?


There is a wide portfolio of different battery cells, of varying quality, and especially of various suitability for different applications.

When developing and manufacturing the battery, we do not rely on the data sheets, manufacturer's reputation or feeling. We rely on exact, measured data.


We believe this is the only way to make a really good battery.


Our batteries are controlled by our BMS hardware, based on analytical data from laboratory measurements and from real-time operation.


We can supply the batteries as separate modules with control or including individually designed battery cabinets.


The real quality of our batteries is best taught by our references.


If you do not know anything about us yet, we will be glad to invite you to this section of the site.

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