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From our history


  • EVC Group s.r.o. was founded, focusing mostly on the sale of two-wheeled and two-track electric vehicles


2008 - 2010

  • With the expansion of our own R&D staff, we started carrying out our own ICE conversions - such as an adult motorcycle, mowing tractor or an off-road passenger vehicle
  • Later we have created a permanent portfolio of a car conversion including the Smart brand, the ŠKODA AUTO range of vehicles or the second generation of the Toyota Prius
  • The biggest success in the sale of internal combustion car conversions to EVs was the delivery of 4 ŠKODA ROOMSTERs to the pilot project of electromobility in the Czech metropolis Prague - "Praha elektromobilní"
  • We implement the first e-bus traction battery for the EBN 10 of the SOR company



  • Construction of the first e-midibus for the Slovak bodyworker ROŠERO P under the brand EVC FIRST ELECTRIC



  • The first of a series of high-end lithium traction batteries for the PERUN pure electric bus range by the Pilsen based ŠKODA ELECTRIC


2013 - 2016

  • a series of major traction battery orders for public transport vehicles implied a further specialization of the company's production portfolio – the on-demand single order ICE conversions for end customers (B2C) have been fully replaced by serial production of traction batteries and electric drives for the private sector (B2B)



  • the company celebrated the 10th year of existence, the range of customers got widened by further vehicle manufacturers, such as EKOVA ELECTRIC in Ostrava or the Czech manufacturer of locomotives CZ LOKO
  • We are aiming to a gradually full automation of the production of battery modules and the development of next generations of Battery Management System (BMS) which have been in development since 2009
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