Industrial lithium battery solutions including ESS


Who we are

Who we are and what we do


We are thorough. Predictive. Fast. Responsible. Imaginative. And we love our work.

This allows us to reside on top of the fast and dramatically evolving field such is the development and manufacture of lithium-based battery systems. Including other sectors that are closely related to it: electromobility and energy storage.


Lithium-based battery systems have been an important step in the industrial development. For some industries revolutionary. And this development is still going on. And new technologies, new solutions, new production processes still come.

We are proud to be an active part of this industrial phase. Our know-how in this field goes beyond the borders of our republic and undoubtedly promotes us among the European leaders.

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More information about the practical application of our knowledge and experience can be found in the sections Batteries for Electromobility and Energy Storage.


If you ask us for which industry meant the arrival of lithium battery cells a real revolution, we will univocally respond: for electromobility. What used to be a mere dream for designers of yesterday has become suddenly technically and technologically feasible.

And we ourselves are the proof. Long before the electromobility began to speak louder in the media, we rebuilt vehicles with conventional internal combustion engines to EVs. We have gathered a vast amount of experience beyond the capabilities of any serial manufacturer. Therefore, today we are saying: "If it moves, we can electrify it."

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Lithium battery cells have opened a new chapter of an industrial development. We belong to those who have started to write in this chapter among the first and we will continue to do so.

So that we are still among the first.

Take a look at our vision.

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