Industrial Lithium Battery Solutions Including ESS



Engineering in the areas of batteries for electromobility, electric drives and energy storage


Engineering is about the value of the idea. About the ability to fully understand the goal. About consistency. About experience. About the sense of detail.

And also, about the enthusiasm for the thing.


At least this the way how we see the process of engineering.

We trust in the quality of our solutions. We believe in the quality of our people.


That's why we can carry out your idea. We can realize your individual, unique and unprecedented project. We turn your idea into a concrete, finished and produced solution.


Step One: Project preparation

Together with you, we'll clarify what your project's goal is. What the resulting product should serve. What parameters must meet. What on the contrary it must not do.


Step Two: Feasibility Study

Can it really be made? If so, will it not be economically inefficient, and would not it be better to use some standard solution?


Step Three: A conceptual solution

How will the final product look as a whole? What will everything consist of? How will the individual components be connected?


Step Four: Risk Analysis

Where are project weaknesses? What could happen in unfavorable circumstances? How do we avoid all possible risks?


Step Five: Project documentation

What to buy? What to do? Who does what? Where to ship it and when?


Step Six: Implementation

So, and we're done, here's your product ready and functional.