Industrial Lithium Battery Solutions Including ESS



The car market is constantly evolving.

Electric cars of the second decade of the 21st century are no longer home-made rebuilds full of rolling wires and gauges. They are in hundred-thousand series professionally-produced vehicles.


As in the beginning, however, today, if an investment in an electric car is to return not only in the sense of doing something for the environment but also in hard numbers, such an electric car must really "work".


For this reason, we maintain our portfolio in close cooperation with the Slovak manufacturer of ROSERO P producing together the EVC FIRST. These EVC e-drive equipped electric midi buses provide a real daily range of up to 250 km / charge, enabling them to be deployed in normal traffic while delivering significant savings over conventional diesel midibuses.

The range of EVC FIRST midibuses comprises of front or rear low-floor body variants and covers versions for urban, school, suburban or long-distance traffic.

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